About Concrete ARTFORMS
Concrete ARTFORMS was formed as a division of JDM Graphics.
The goal is to design and produce custom artistic forms for concrete.
The first major project was form work for a flood protection project for
the Army Corps of Engineers in Williamson, WV.
Since then we have produced and designed artistic forms for several
other flood walls and highway sound and water barrier walls in public
areas. Private industry and commercial clients have also used our
forms to visually enhance concrete facades.

In the mid 90's we began to produce custom precast signage and 3
dimensional  graphic art for commercial clients and local governments.
We use the latest software and large format cnc equipment with a wide
array of form materials to produce a final product that is tailored to each
clients needs.

Form materials can be selected according to the need and budget so
that the best type of materials for each particular job requirement is
used in producing the final product for our customers.

In 2002 we decided to offer a more standardized package for our
signage customers. This keeps the cost down and makes pricing
consistent without lowering the quality of our forms. The production
time is much faster as the basic setup time is standardized. We can
now offer a variety of standard sizes and shapes. The custom colors,
textures and designs will be the only variables.

Our projects in the last few years have become more focused on
exterior and interior art for concrete building treatment. The area where
there is an opportunity to make a structural requirement an aesthetic
enhancement is difference that will make a visually exciting statement.
photo courtesy of Rick Lee
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The window wells shown here are relief panels on each side of the entrance of the new
Science Building located at Puget Sound University. They represent Copernicus's drawings
Dance of the Planets above and The Tree of Life with the vine ring around it below.
photo courtesy of Ross Mulhausen
photo courtesy of Ross Mulhausen