Some of the projects shown
in this section were made
up of concrete poured in
our plant at
, finished and
hauled to site and installed
by the contractor or
ConcreteARTFORMS on
site. Some finish work may
be needed after delivery,
depending on the project

The dragon image shown
here is made up of 27
individual randomly sized
blocks to give the
appearance of stacked
stones dug out of ancient
ruins. These were precast
and transported to site to
match the contractors time
schedule. The Dragon , a
mascot for the high school,
is set at the main entrance
of the newly constructed
St. Albans High School
photo courtesy of Rick Lee
Overbrook School
This sign panel was cast by PSI and delivered to site and dropped into the
concrete wall section.
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The window wells shown here are relief panels on each side of the entrance of the new Science
Building located at Puget Sound University. They represent Copernicus's drawings for
Dance of the
at right and The Tree of Life with the vine ring around it shown left and center above.
photos courtesy of Ross Mulhausen
The window panels below were precast from our form liners by Conforce in Vancouver ,B.C.
The Overbrook Elementary School needed some type of
decorative and protective barrier to surround the
mechanical elements in front of the school. We designed
and produced the panels then installed them on an
existing barrier wall shown below.
CVG Precast Monument being set. Photo courtesy of CVG Airport